My Boy, Bo and I Cazador, Spanish Mustang colt

Welcome to my little home on the web. My name is Bobbie, I go by the handle "HorseTender" on various forums, social sites and my blog. I have big plans for this site, but for now I just wanted to create a bit of a quick introduction for those of you who may find your way here. :)

On the left is my 2001 Paint stallion, Bo and I. He is my main man, I first saw him and bought him when he was only one month old.

On the right is Cazador. He is a registered 2008 Spanish Mustang stallion and he was my introduction into a rare breed which I have admired ever since I was a little girl. He lived with me for about 3 years as a youngster. He now lives in Queensland, Australia!

There have been some big changes in my life and as a result this entire site will soon be receiving an overhaul. Should anyone stop by in that time, be patient, construction will hopefully be done soon.

I'm from western Colorado originally. I grew up in a small town where the county fair coming to town every year was the big to-do. Granny entered baked goods, flower arrangements and tatting doilies in the fair. I could be found riding any horse I could bum a ride on. Some years I was actually busy warming up and cooling down various rodeo horses for several cowboys who took pity on a horseless horse loving girl.

My interests are varied and I'll probably end up doing pages on a lot of different things here. Horses are #1 of course, but a sampling of my other interests include: cars, trucks, motorcycles, dogs, wildlife, animals in general, nature, astronomy, music, and so on and so on... Due to my widely varied interests, I'm now feeling like a kid in a candy store since succumbing to a Pinterest addiction - ha! I finally made it on there recently and have been enjoying browsing and creating pin boards.

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Have a great day!

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